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How to write an effective customer service resume

Like all resumes, a resume which relates to a customer service position needs to present academic, experiential, and skills based information clearly and concisely. There a few extra things to realize when it comes to formulating a customer service resume which are outlined below.

Working in customer service requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and so it would do you no good to provide a resume which communicates poorly. This means you should make a draft of your ideas first of all, and then condense and refine them to make them suitable for resume entry. Before you begin writing your resume, look for customer service resume examples to give you an idea of what works best, and what style is most appropriate. Depending on the nature of the role, you will either choose a chronological or a functional resume style. If you have been in a customer service related career for some time and have lots of working experience, then a chronological resume is best. A functional style is best for graduates.

The best customer service resume examples begin with an objective, then a summary, education, work experience, and skills. Be enthusiastic and specific with your objective, for example ‘To be a customer service manager within hospitality’ and stating what value you can provide. Your summary should round-up what specific abilities you have in relation to customer service, such as the ability to manage large teams and keep them focused on their goals. When you include your work experience, describe how your abilities helped the company. This means focusing on the employer and not yourself – do not explain what you were responsible for and what you did, but rather what the company did with your inclusion. For education, make sure you include extra-curricular activities which involve communication and team work.

In terms of writing, there are three words to keep in mind; consistency, clarity and accuracy. Consistency means sticking to the same tense, and not making contradictory statements. Clarity means making your language simple and concise, and while you should provide emphasis with action verbs, do not convolute the resume with description. Accuracy means revising the resume as many times as you can to ensure that everything you included is correct and up-to-date.

You should also include a cover letter when applying for a role in customer services – please take a look at our cover letter advice section.

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