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When you are looking for a new nursing role, your nursing resume is vital to present your abilities, experience, achievements, education and qualifications, and to give the employer a sense of who you are and what is important to you. Nursing requires high levels of patient contact and care, and so you need to give an impression of your personality more so than resumes for other fields. Having said this, you also need to be extremely clear with you professional ability and your qualifications, but never forget that patient care requires sensitivity and understanding, and you should demonstrate this in the resume.

Good nursing resume examples begin with a concise objective statement. This should be ideally a sentence long, and if you have limited work experience then you do not need to go into too much depth. As long as you state what you desire, for example to obtain an assistant role or a registered nurse role, then the employer will know right from the start whether you may be the right candidate for them. Nurses with more experience can include a summary statement afterwards, to help condense extensive work history into an easily readable paragraph.

The next section is education, and this will be a clear list of your degree, and any other academic activities, awards and honors. You should list under your qualification the most important skills you learned as a part of your course, and any contributions you made should be highlighted. If you are a recent graduate, then this section should precede the work experience section. You do not need to include high school grades or anything less than your degree, and other relevant qualifications should be included in a separate section.

The work experience section will have a similar structure to education, with a list of your clinical experience or any other relevant experience. Don’t just include what responsibilities you fulfilled and what skills you learned, talk about how you improved your clinic by efficient work conduct, how you helped improve patient quality of life, how you handle difficult situations, and how you have developed relationships with patients and other staff.

Under work experience you can include separate skills and experience, and personal achievements and activities which help describe the kind of person you are. Compare your resume with nursing resume examples.

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