Resume profile building

Create a winning personal profile for your resume

Being one of the first things an employer will see on your resume, your resume profile is often the difference between a bad resume and a good resume, or a good resume and an outstanding resume. This makes getting the profile right very important. Use the following advice and resume profile examples to help create your own winning profile statement.

Your profile statement is a short summary of your resume. It should take the best of what your resume has to offer, and condense it into a short paragraph. It is not dissimilar to your covering letter, though it will usually be less specific to your chosen employer. Follow the same rules you would follow when writing your profile statement as you would when writing your covering letter. For example, write clearly and succinctly, demonstrate your best and most relevant attributes, and make it clear which industry or field you have the desire to work in. This last point can instead be included in an objective section, though not everyone includes an objective statement.

    Useful advice to follow

  • Define what you can offer – Many profile statements simply label skills, but this is not good enough. If you have proven ability then get right to the point.
  • Use a little personality – Do not forget to include a few personal characteristics which can describe in as little words as possible the kind of person you are. It is better to include characteristics which can be supported with evidence.
  • Use language to your advantage – Even if you are the best candidate for the role, if you do not write the profile well enough that you can come across as unskilled or unmotivated. Like everywhere in your resume, avoid the use of first person, and you can even avoid third person if you phrase your sentences properly.

Resume profile examples

The following is an example of a good profile statement – “Customer-focused sales team manager with a proven track record of sales growth, over-target earnings, and customer satisfaction. Flexible and adaptable to changing commercial priorities with highly successful plan implementations to improve poorly performing sales teams. “. Within this example there would ideally be quantitative performance measures for a specific candidate. It is always a good idea to include language that implies actions, such as ‘organized, planned, coordinated, delivered’ and so on.

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