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This article is about my hardships after my college graduation. I was having lots of challenges when applying for a job. However, I found the perfect solution with the help of the right company.

Last year was the best time of my life when I bid goodbye to my school. I graduated from college. I felt so fulfilled not knowing that there was another big challenge waiting for me, applying for a job. I wanted to impress the company where I will be applying for. To do that, I thought about getting some help from the best resume writing services NYC. I immediately contacted them but I was so dissatisfied. I was not able to get a response from them even though they were saying that they are available 24/7.

I was even told a lot of things which were contrary to what they were saying in their advertisement. One of those was they were asking for a fee which is not the same with what they have posted in their website. In other words, they were falsely advertising to entice people like me. I searched for some review sites and found out that the said provider of resume help New York was doing business unprofessionally.


In Search for the Resume Writing Company

What I did was to search for another company to write my resume. This time, I found the I did the same and I was able to talk with one of their customer support representative. I asked for help and told that I want a writer from New York, and I was surprised when I got positive answer. The representative even told me about some of their discount packages or promotions that are going on.

As I did with the first company, I also checked some feedbacks about this second New York resume writer.

Reading the Resume Reviews

After reading the reviews about the professional resume writers New York (I choose Derek Lee as my writer), I went back to their website, filled out the forms and then placed the order.  The feedbacks that I have read matched my entire experience. When I got my resume, I was really satisfied and felt more confident. Because of their help, I knew that I could get the job much easier.

I was not wrong because of the five companies where I have submitted my resume, all have contacted me. They all saw how qualified I was for the job vacancies that they have. The people that I have talked with in the past were right; they were always telling me that job application is not all about having the qualifications. Another factor to consider is the efficiency of my resume or how I was able to put such qualifications into writing.

resume writing services new yorkThis post was suggested by guest blogger Melva Jacobs. Melva is a biological scientist, working at university labs.