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Writing advice for a registered nursing resume

The role of nursing combines a large number of technical and general skills, and this makes putting them all in one place a challenge, but if you want to get hired then you will need to do this effectively. Please use this registered nurse resume information and advice to help you construct an appropriate and effective RN resume.

General guidelines

As a registered nurse, you will have lots of skills to cram into your resume, which is the case even if you have only just graduated. This makes being clear, concise and consistent highly important. Never pad out your resume with lengthy, descriptive sentences and do not waste space with the first or third person – these are frowned upon in resumes regardless. You can increase your available resume space by reducing the margin size and the space between paragraphs, though you should not go below one inch. The best RN resume examples use a mix of paragraphs and bullet points to help make the resume more balanced, with the most important information contained on the left margin.

When it comes to outlining your qualifications, skills and abilities, you can either include them all at the start under a relevant heading, or you can disperse them amongst the sub-sections beneath each job role and educational qualification. Most candidates prefer to introduce themselves in a short paragraph at the start of the resume, and then follow with education or work experience.

While a registered nurse resume should not focus on your personality, it is important that you reflect yourself positively in the resume in the precious little space you have to describe yourself.

The best structure to choose

If you have a good amount of experience in hospitals, clinics, medical or health centers, then the best structure to use is one which begins with a summary of your skills and qualifications, and then includes your working experience, and finally your education and any other certifications and licenses of note. If you are a recent graduate, it is best to adopt a functional resume format which puts more importance on your education, internships and your achievements. In either case you have the option of including an objective statement, which lets the employer see what you are aiming for. Use RN resume examples to see which style would be best for you.

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